Blown, sculpted, mirrored glass, steel cable, acrylic, rope, hardware
48" L / 48"W /120" H

Compendant detail 2

The "Compendant" was conceived specifically for the group show "Crafted: Objects in Flux" at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in the summer of 2015. The show was curated by Emily Zilber and featured many prominent craft artists from around the world. 

Designed to engage the space where it is installed, "Compendant" allows the viewer to walk around and amidst a continually changing field of optically dense forms and textures, with glass surfaces reflecting, refracting, transmitting, and distorting light simultaneously. These phenomena help to contribute, hopefully, to a sense of immersive physicality not typically associated with the blown-glass craft object. 

Compendant detail

This piece would not have been possible without the expert help and advice of fellow glass artist Evan Chambers of Pasadena, CA. Thank you, Evan. 

compendant detail 3
compendant detail 4

Illuminated Sculpture

Blown and sculpted glass, laser-cut steel, steel cable, acrylic, rope, hardware, lighting hardware
44”L / 46”W / 72”H

Chandielier 1
Chandelier 5

The “Illuminated Sculpture” is an elaboration on the Optic Screen #2. Originally conceived for the Collective Design 2 Fair in New York, and represented there by the Philadelphia-based Wexler Gallery, it is a modular, reconfigurable, site-specific lighting feature incorporating hand-blown shapes and solid-sculpted organic elements. 

chandelier detail 1
Chandelier detail 2