Custom Design

Some of the very best projects I’ve been involved in have been site and/or event specific. From matching pairs of champagne flutes for couples getting married to larger-scale lighting projects, adapting my style to your needs oftentimes results in a altogether new direction for the work. Don’t hesitate to call me for a “consultation.” Remember to keep in mind that due to the uncertain and delicate nature of the glassblowing process, not all ideas are easily translatable.

For custom orders, I require at least 3 weeks advance notice, depending on the scale of the project, one-half payment up front to cover my supplies and materials, and the other half upon completion of the project, including shipping.



Andy Paiko
(707) 486-0018

For inquiries concerning One-of-a-Kind Sculptural work and availability, please contact:

Wexler Gallery
(215) 923 7030