The Indefinite Sum series represents a playful approach to sculptural form-finding combined with new experiments in optic effects. Many components are based on 16th and 17th-century-era devices designed to demonstrate qualities of various experimental phenomena, including physics, chemistry, electricity and electromagnetism, optics and acoustics. Some are just for fun. 

 Photp: KeneK courtesy of Wexler Gallery

Photp: KeneK courtesy of Wexler Gallery

Indefinite Sum #5 and #6
Blown, sculpted, etched, lacquered, mirrored, assembled glass, brass, leather.
96"L / 12"W /21"H

Indefinite Sum 4

Indefinite Sum #4
Blown, sculpted, etched, lacquered glass.
Dimensions variable


Indefinite Sum #1

Indefinite Sum #1 (installation detail)
Blown, Sculpted, etched, lacquered, assembled glass, nickel accretions, shelving.
280" L/ 12" W/ 38" H