Blown, sculpted, assembled, waterjet cut glass, cast bronze, brass, leather, steel, reclaimed wood, motor. Kinetic.
52”L / 20”W / 42”H

Steel fabrication by Denny Schuler, cast bronze by Evan Chambers

There is a feeling of simplicity and economy to a sucker-rod oil pump-jack’s movements.  It is one of diligence and stoicism in operation, of being merely one identical automaton in an array of many, making up a vast extractive network. It could be viewed as metaphor for creative labor.


The idea of extraction is also pertinent in two ways. First, this pumpjack is made of glass, which, as we all know, is very heavily energy dependent. There is some intended irony there. Second, and more importantly, this extraction brings me to the idea of breath and marking time as well. If we look at the Earth as a singular interconnected living organism, it could be seen as absorbing or “inhaling” energy from the sun in the form of photons. This energy is converted by plants and animals over time into organic compounds that accumulate as deposits of oil. As this oil is burned, the planet “exhales”, simultaneously breathing new life into our energy-dependent society.