Refraction Monologue

Blown, mirrored glass, acrylic, steel cable, hardware.
276"W / 192"D / 224"H (space)


Refraction Monologue 2
Refraction Monologue 3

"Refraction Monologue" is an elaborate extension of a 2011 collaboration between Paiko and Jessica Helgerson Interior Design (see below), specifically for the firm's Front of House Gallery space. Originally conceived as a permeable visual divider of architectural space, Refraction Monologue presents a curious and playful glossary of nearly 400 exploratory glass forms in corrugated transparent, gray, opaque black, and mirrored surfaces. With emphasis placed on the optic qualities of the glass itself, the subtleties of reflected, refracted, and transmitted light become defined as the viewer moves through and around the space. The suspended forms are intended to articulate undecipherable phrases in a personal, figurative, three-dimensional handwriting. The shapes below act to echo, reverberate, and multiply the visual messages received. 

Refraction Monologue 5
Refraction Monologue 4
Refraction Monologue 6


Optic Twist Screen #1

Blown glass, acrylic, steel cable, hardware.
120”L / 14”W / 96”H

“Optic Twist Screen #1” was also designed in collaboration with Portland, Oregon-based interior designer Jessica Helgerson for the historical Bishop’s House downtown where it is permanently installed.  The piece is made up of over 100 various blown shapes strung on steel cable, to provide a visually and acoustically permeable space divider. The project was featured in Gray Magazine and Milk Decoration. 

Optic Twist Screen 2
Optic Twist Screen 3

Optic Twist Screen #2

Blown glass, acrylic, steel, steel cable, walnut, hardware
120”L / 36”W / 120”H

Permanent Collection of the Chazen Art Museum, Madison, WI

Steel fabrication by Denny Schuler


Optic Twist Screen #2 is an assemblage of variously shaped glass globes strung on metal cables that are secured in three vertical rows within three steel-framed panels. This piece is a free-standing elaboration of a interior design commission Paiko created for an office environment that provided both a visually and acoustically permeable space divider.


Optic Twist Screen #3

Blown glass, acrylic, steel, steel cable, walnut, hardware
72”L / 14”W / 96”H

Permanent installation at the Exchange Ballroom, Portland, OR. Commissioned by Vibrant Table Catering and Events.

Steel fabrication by Denny Schuler


Optic Wall Screen #1

Sculpted glass, laser-cut steel, hardware
160”L / 16”W / 96”H