Unique and Commissioned Jars

Accretion Vessels

Blown, sculpted, assembled glass, walnut, copper, brass, pearls.
Installation of 4, 20”L / 10”W / 36”H

Private collection

Accretion Vessels 1
Accretion Vessels 2

“Accretion Vessels” refer to the layering, both literal and figurative, of the pieces, from the physical stacking of the glass and wood elements themselves but also the layering of multiple techniques/ideas that was needed to make them. The copper formed on the sides of an electro-plating tank, layered growths or “accretions” leftover from the over-saturation of the solutions, like crystals. The pearls, too, are accretions of layers of nacre in the oyster in an attempt to protect itself from impurities.

bells wood4.jpg
Accretion Vessels 4

Last Current Assessment

Blown, sculpted, etched, assembled glass, hemp, wax.
66”L / 35”W / 68”H

Redwood and steel table forged and fabricated by Denny Schuler. Private Collection.

Last current Assessment 1
Last Current Assessment 2
Last Current Assessment 3

Reliquary Group

Blown, sculpted, assembled glass, walnut, maple, copper, brass, woodpecker feathers, poison oak seeds, paint.
Installation of 3, 20”L / 11”W / 30”H

Reliquaries 1
Reliquary group 2
Reliquary group 3
wild nature
Spine Jar pair
Spine jar detail
Bell jar with gold
Spine jar etching detail
gold objects for bell jars
Bell jars charcoal with gold
Object bell detail
Bells jars with objects

"Canis Auribus Tenere"

Blown, sculpted, etched, assembled glass, coyote skull, 24K gold, steel, redwood.
32”L / 7”W / 18”H

Canis Auribus Tenere 1
Canis Auribus Tenere 2