"Indefinite Sum" in San Jose, CA

San Jose State University is home to a vibrant glass art community, with one of the oldest glass programs in the country (over 40 years!). Its roster of visiting artists is formidable: Chihuly, Lino, Elio, the de la Torre brothers, Fritz, Mark Zirpel, Hank Adams, Laura Donefer, Hiroshi Yamano, Bella Feldman, John Lewis, Mary White Pamina Traylor and Katherine Gray, just to name a few. My friend, artist, and fellow Cal Poly alumni Cassandra Straubing is now the head of the glass department there. I was invited to do a solo show in September of 2014 in the Natalie and James Thompson Art Gallery, as well as a demo in the hotshop and an artists' talk. Not being one to turn down such an opportunity, I loaded up my old Toyota and headed down there. Naturally, all of the faculty, staff, and students I met in my time there were wonderful! Thanks, SJSU.

andy-paiko-SJSU-wall-screen-indefinite sum