February in the Thompson St. studio

There are a few advantages to sharing a space with a good friend who also happens to be a professional photographer...  A few offhand: He is always traveling and bringing back stories and images and artifacts to share from Burma, Laos, Syria, and Ethiopia (to name a few recent trips). He knows his computers and is willing to assist me in my mostly toddler-level hunt-and-peckingHe doesn't make any dust and is quiet, but for an Ernest Wranglin album here and there. He won't suffer a fool, and'll let you know it. He rings the "beer bell" at just the right time... And sometimes he'll walk over and take a photo and say, "you need a studio picture for your website blog, dude". 

Do yourself a favor, dear reader, and look at his work. You won't be sorry:  http://www.andrewstanbridge.com/

Nothing like a big south-facing window in the wintertime...